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Photo Days

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Photography Experience Days or half days

Come with your camera and take pictures of our birds in natural settings.

For a 1to1 or small group experience make your day special
Shoot those close up images you have always wanted and see the beauty of our Owls and Birds of Prey. Flight Photography of some of our birds may be available.
Are You Sure That's my Best Side?

It may be possible to come to your location if you have a suitable private area (Not the local park or areas open to the general public) or with prior arrangement we may be able to use a private area with plenty of positions to pose our birds and if the weather is suitable some flight shots on a training line.

Details of location sent to you after booking with map and detailed route from your location to us.The Location may vary due to group size or availability. Location for individuals may depend on our availability and your requirements e.g week days etc, or we may be able to come to you at your location (travel expenses may be incurred depending on location)

Timings 10.30 - 10.45 introduction. Half days run from 10.30 to 13.00 and cost £60 (£15 for spectators) Full days run from 10.30 to 16.00 and cost £100 (£25 for spectators) Book as an individual or as small groups

Max 6 photographers per session.

Payment in advance to confirm booking N.B. 25% of the fee is a Non-returnable booking fee. A full refund is given if we have to cancel for any reason or alternative date arranged. During the week only some of the birds may be available, at weekends a variety should be available subject to our usual Terms and Conditions

The Health and well being of our birds come first and we reserve the right to withdraw any bird/birds at any time we feel necessary

Our 'In House' photographer will be there to help you get the best pictures and improve your camera skills with your equipment and support you as required

Requirements Bring your own equipment as required e.g Camera, Lenses, flashguns, tripods and anything else you think you may need. Don’t forget batteries and charger, and plenty of memory cards! You will take more images than you think!

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Friends and relatives who are not part of the Photo day are welcome after payment of the spectator's fee

Dress; wear clothing suitable for outdoor conditions which could be anything! as UK weather is so variable at the moment. Something to kneel on would also be an advantage to keep your knees clean!

Bring a packed lunch and appropriate drinks, Arrangements may be made to provide food if requested at an extra cost.

Please request in comments box

Photography Groups/Clubs

Why not make a group booking for your photography group/club, we can bring our birds to your location and pose them for you on suitable perches etc to give your members the opportunity to get up close and personal to our owls. Photography may be indoors or outside depending on your location. Neutral coloured backgrounds can be brought if required. 2-hour session with a variety of our birds £120

General Comments The session will commence with an introduction to our birds and ground rules,approx 15 mins. During this time you can get your camera prepared for the session, and put on appropriate clothing. We will then start to take photos of the birds either handheld or on natural perches as available. We will allow photographers individual time as well as group time to get the shots they require within the constraints of our birds well being. Each bird will only be used for 15 minutes or so as not to put any strain upon them; after a rest period they may be photographed again Half day groups will only get the chance to photograph each bird once, full day groups may get a second chance during the afternoon; bird type by request.

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Licensing All images taken may be used for any purpose but a 'Birds supplied by Owl Occasions, should be added as a credit, and we would appreciate copies of images for our portfolio

Bookings To Book please use Booking form below or should you require something more specific or a specific date

Please email me at Owl Occasions for any requests or questions you may have, or Phone 07538184934. Bookings can be made with or without vouchers. Vouchers can be purchased on-line Gift Vouchers

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